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premium Audio services
onLine & worldwide

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mixing | Producing | HEAVY MUSIC

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From your first idea to

the final touches -

I will guide you through the whole(some) production process.


Beneath professional recording | mixing | mastering, I will assist you all your creative processes like songwriting & arrangement


With all my expertise, experience and creative energy, I will help you to realize your vision - at my studio,  your location or online.


Let´s make your songs

sound massive!
A professional, well balanced and energetic mix is your most powerful weapon to get the impact you´re dreaming of.


Mixing is the ultimate combination of all creative, technical and performance related processes.


With all my passion and established techniques, I will create a top level mix which will not only compete but stand out!

online services

With today´s technology our coorperation will have

(almost) no limits.


Via live stream you can attend the mixing sessions of your songs in realtime. Beeing part of it from the first moves on, you can give your feedback.right away.


If you choose full production,

I will accompany you remotely through all the prod. stages with video calls, exclusive tutorials and online recording

directly into my system.

My Work

My Work
About Me

about me

I just love creating heavy music.

How can I help you creating something epic?

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Beeing a metalhead since I was a teenager,

I love heavy music - always fascinated by its pure power, authenticity and extreme technicality.

Since the mid 90´s I played guitar in several metal bands. I wrote, arranged and produced numerous songs - covering a huge variety of styles from traditional to modern metal.

Beneath graduating in music I participated in several audio and producing trainings, specialized in metal.


Now I am happy to give this experience, knowledge and full dedication into a project with you - helping you to make an outstanding record with the sonic impact you´re dreaming of.


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